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The AKG from Vigilant Onsite is a revolutionary health and power monitor for your most critical equipment and appliances. The AKG is quickly and easily installed between your wall outlet and monitored equipment to continuously collect and report power usage. Powerful data analytics, artificial intelligence, and custom designed algorithms constantly monitor for signs of trouble or failure and sends alerts to prevent catastrophe. When your equipment stops running, starts running, or misbehaves, alerts and notifications can be configured for each equipment monitored and delivered to your smart phone or email address.

Fully LTE-M cellular with battery backup, the AKG can alert you when the lights go out and the WiFi network fails, enabling alert notification in the most remote and isolated locations. The built-in cellular connection provides real-time monitoring, configuration changes and data access without the needless hassle of a WiFi or wired Internet connection in places where it is not available or feasible.